I wander with a pen, paper, and camera, sometimes I find my way onto a plane, more often to the west coast though Alberta has my childhood heart. My travels, my experiences, my inevitable growing, they all make their way into being through words. I never leave the house without food and water, if there’s color involved it’s my kind of past time, and I really, really, like to share, though every piece on this blog is an original unless cited otherwise; all pictures are also a result of my uncontrollable need for expression, though I keep most of my photography on my Flickr page.

Small Town Zero
Beginning back in April 2016, I became curious as to how a Zero Waste lifestyle could fit in with a highly rural and northern backdrop. This sort of lifestyle (and all its consideration for waste) is something I’m incredibly passionate about, but I’m also critical of the financial and physical “ease” that is displayed in so many other zero waste articles. Recipes, reflections, guaranteed minimal trash.

Adventures in Thailand
I found myself in Southeast Asia for three months in 2016 and wrote a series of blogs, almost exclusively taking place in Thailand, with brief breaks in Cambodia and Singapore.

Poetry & Prose
Consisting of dreams, and phrases that have fallen from the sky (somehow to land at my feet), this is where all of my creative content lives (and sometimes breathes). Poetry, prose, do what you will.

The Dirt Mouth
If you’re finding the above categories far too pleasant, you might be better suited to my other blog, The Dirt Mouth, which is home to all my political satire and social commentary. 

Welcome all, come on in. Take a look around, try not to move the furniture or judge the barren walls- I’m something of a minimalist.

All the best,




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